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Concours of Elegance 2015

The 'Concours of Elegance' was held over the weekend of Sept 4-6 at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh and brought together 60 of the rarest cars from collections all over the world. The Concours of Elegance began at Windsor Castle in 2012, before moving to St James’s Palace in 2013, with the 2014 event taking place at Hampton Court Palace. 

I took along my Fuji X-E2 camera and couple of prime lenses that I had on test from Calumet for the weekend using the Fuji Test Drive offer they are currently running. Getting shots of complete cars at these sort of events is always difficult as they tend to be parked fairly close together and with lots of people looking around them it's hard to get a 'clean' shot of the car. In these situations I prefer to get in close and concentrate on all the interesting car details the older cars seem to have. With this in mind I choose the 35mm and 56mm prime lenses as they both offer wide aperture settings that enable you to throw the background out of focus and eliminate distracting background elements. In the end I ended up taking the majority of the images with the 35mm as I just felt it was letting me get that little bit closer to the subject.