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Lotus Evora

Last weekend marked the 50th anniversary of Jim Clark winning his first Formula One World Championship driving for Lotus and the border town of Duns, near to Clark's home, played host to a gathering of the Lotus owners club to celebrate. I was invited along with the Scotsman Motoring supplement by the nice people at Lotus to view the new Lotus Evora S and take some photographs. In the afternoon the Evora assembled with a host of new and classic Lotus cars and made their way from Duns in a procession to a disused airfield at Charterhall so the Evora could really stretch its legs and make the most of it's supercharged 345bhp V6 petrol engine. Being technically off-road this meant I actually got to drive the car for once and I can personally vouch for how fast this car accelerates - I've no idea how fast I was going though as it was over so quickly and I didn't dare take my eyes of the road, but rest assured it wasn't anywhere near the 172mph top speed. Thanks also to the mystery Range Rover driver that appeared from nowhere out of the mist and allowed me to stand on his tailgate to get the group shoot on the cover :-)

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