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#WexMondays Competition 2016

Once again I decided to enter #WexMondays, a weekly competition run by online photographic retailer Wex. The challenge is to tweet an image every Monday that you have captured during the previous week and post it with the hashtag #WexMondays. Points and Wex vouchers are awarded for first, second and third placed images every week with £1500 of Wex vouchers being awarded to the photographer accumulating the most points by the end of the year. 

Last year I managed to enter an image every week but I knew that with my change in job circumstances that it was going to be more difficult this year. And so it proved and I ended up missing about three weeks in total - which was slightly better than I expected considering the last few weeks were blighted by a car accident. My only disappointment was that I didn't manage to score any points and only made the shortlist on three occassions in weeks 13, 38 and 46.  

Click here to see the leaderboard - however, as I said, I didn't score any points so you won't find my name on the list. Now that the competition has concluded for the year I've compiled a list of all my images and results for 2016: